Here we go…

Amidst Interpretation is an expression platform about art and architecture. It comes as a natural sequel to “Memory Identity Action”, my master’s dissertation in architecture, focusing on the subject of public art in Berlin, the city I live in.
Over the two years that I spent on its making, I developed a personal fondness about the issues concerning the poetical urban practice. In this blog I’ll be posting some selected texts from my dissertation that I’ll translate, every now and then, into English (from its original Portuguese). I’ll also try to post some new texts concerning the same subject – some writings that I started and never finished – as well as some other subjects on its vicinity.

The name “Amidst Interpretation” pays homage to Susan Sontag’s seminal essay Against Interpretation. This wordplay seeks not only to question her general distrust on hermeneutics – which I also find myself to be fond of, in a way – but rather to further develop my critical positioning.

Let us see where this gets.

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